New Products this Spring
Evo Origins
Dudson White
This seasons edition showcases new colours in UK made collections including a Fawn White in Evo Origins and a Mustard in Harvest.
We also see the introduction of Dudson White with organic shapes and rustic paddle boards in Dudson Wood.
Also new for Spring 2020 are shape additions in Evo and Harvest across existing colours.

Dudson White is a brand new range in keeping with the craft-potter heritage of the brand. The designs feature a subtle irregular edge and hand-thrown embossment.



Evo has been designed with the appearance of hand-thrown pottery and its homely charm adds a touch of warmth to any tabletop.

Wood is a a new range within the Dudson collection which is exclusively designed to complement the ceramic portfolio.                                                                  

Evo Origins is a range within the Evo collection. It has been designed to complement the original Dudson Evo range that is already popular.

Harvest’s genuine hand finished pieces reflect the ‘farm-to-table’ philosophy so popular in today’s dining out culture.


Terrazzo is inspired by the Italian decorative technique of combining fragments of marble and glass to create a speckled abstract pattern.