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The 8 reasons why a Dudson plate is made to last

Dudson is a heritage brand dating back to 1800 and to this day, is still made by renowned potters in Stoke-on-Trent, the world capital of ceramics. Every step in the process is practiced and refined. 

From the sourcing of raw materials and unique formulation of the clay body, to shape engineering and numerous quality checks ensuring that Dudson products work as hard as you do.

Our unique clay recipe is essential in creating a strong and durable product for the hospitality industry. Our raw materials are selected to deliver the optimum balance of strength and whiteness.

Our clay comes from Devon and Cornwall in the UK and we work closely with our suppliers to ensure continuity of supply. Geologically there is over 100 years worth of supply at our clay source.

Alumina or Aluminium Oxide is the chemical compound of aluminium and oxygen with the chemical formula AL2O3. Alumina adds superior strength and whiteness and has shock absorbent qualities that combined with other components improves the products performance in use.

Every piece of Dudson’s ceramic is designed with performance in mind. Through expert shape engineering, we reinforce strength and durability while continual investment in technology guarantees functionality and consistent quality

100% of unused clay is recovered and recycled.

A combination of extensive industry knowledge and continual investment in leading manufacturing technology ensures the product is kept at an optimum weight for both functionality and durability. The technology used to form our products ensures consistency in size and weight allowing pieces to be stacked back of house using less space and reducing breakages.

100% of Dudson’s ceramics are vitrified which is essential to the hospitality industry. Vitrification is a process where we physically change the clay, melting it to make our ceramics impervious to water, which also means that bacteria has less opportunity to
penetrate into the ceramics and grow.

Breakages in ceramics are generally related to porosity, or how much water a piece can absorb. Water absorption weakens the chemical structure affecting its durability over time. Through the process of Vitrification, the particle structure of our ceramic body becomes strong, dense and watertight.

Our glaze is hard wearing and designed specifically for the hospitality environment. The durability is a combination of the glaze recipe, the firing temperature and substrate.

Harvest and The Maker’s Collection designs are hand dipped, this enhances the artisan look of the products, creating original ‘maker’s marks’ on the reverse of each piece.

Glazing the base requires ‘pin-firing’. This is when the peice sits on a crank to ensure the glaze coats the full base. The crank leaves small marks behind called ‘maker’s marks’ signifying that the piece has a glazed base. Our fully glazed base can reduce surface scratching when the product is stacked.

Dudson ceramics are continuously tested and  quality checked, from the stage of raw materials, throughout the manufacturing process to the final fired piece.

We are a member of the BCC (British Ceramic Confederation), one of the leading bodies in ceramics and test daily in our in house UKAS accredited lab.

We test dishwasher durability to British Hospitality Standard BS 12875. In service testing has demonstrated that under hospitality use, this is the equal to 5000 dishwasher cycles. Our continuous improvement program ensures we aim to constantly improve the quality of our products.

Dudson are experts in ceramic design and at the forefront of innovation. Our entire product portfolio is designed in the UK by our experienced and talented design team. 

Dudson have launched over 400 products since 2019.

We are continually developing materials that bring colour, texture and pattern to the tabletop without compromising on the durability that the hospitality industry demands.

A perfect balance of machinery and people. We combine up to date manufacturing technologies with historical ceramic techniques in order to innovate with design.

At Dudson we are dedicated to reliability, ensuring our product is in stock and delivered on time. We pride ourselves on our stock levels and ability to deliver on time, all around the world.

Our 130,000sq ft warehouse stores over seven million products. We process 44,000 cartons of product weekly across multiple brands, that’s an average of 72,000 pieces everyday.

We have warehouses located in:

Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Rotterdam, Netherlands

A heritage brand dating back to 1800, Dudson is made by renowned potters in the heart of Stoke on Trent, the world capital of ceramics.

Our home Stoke on Trent is the world capital of ceramics. The city is known globally as ‘The Potteries.

Our past has shaped our future, established in 1800, the Dudson brand continues to grow and innovate. We have evolved and adapted to changes in the marketplace, introducing multiple manufacturing routes to produce colour and texture as well as investing in new technology to create differentiated shapes.


The Dudson ceramic body is industrially tough, we blend centuries of experience with cutting edge technology and design innovation to produce one of the strongest ceramic bodies in the world.

 This brochure outlines the many
reasons why Dudson products are made to last.